Drew Lewis
Drew Lewis
Director | Editor | Cinematographer


Drew Lewis is a director, editor and cinematographer of commercials, branded content, films and music videos. He has directed content for brands such as Delta Air Lines, Seventeen Magazine, P&G, Capital One, SIMPLE Mobile and more. Drew began his journey as a filmmaker at the age of twelve in Houston, Texas, when his father brought home a VHS-C camcorder that he had won in a raffle at work. It wasn’t long before he began experimenting with making his own short films, and by the time he graduated high school he had written, directed and edited a dozen of them. In 2010, Drew graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Film Studies. He is the owner and director of BLACK CANVAS™, a production company that he founded in 2011 in Texas. Drew works as a director, editor, cinematographer-for-hire in Los Angeles since moving himself and his company there in 2015. (view full bio)